Which universities or colleges in the USA are accepting the Duolingo English test?

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One of the crucial steps in the application process is demonstrating your English language proficiency. While many universities and colleges require standardized tests like the TOEFL or IELTS, there is an alternative option gaining popularity “The Duolingo English test”

In this post, we’ll look at which institutions and colleges in the United States accept the Duolingo English exam and give you with useful information to help you make an informed selection.

Which universities or colleges in the USA are accepting the Duolingo English test?

If you’re considering taking the Duolingo English test, it’s essential to know which universities or colleges in the USA accept this exam as proof of English proficiency.

University of Washington: The University is located in Seattle, accepts the Duolingo English test as a valid measure of English proficiency for international applicants.

Purdue University: Located in Indiana, Ii is renowned for its engineering and technology programs. It accepts the Duolingo English test with a minimum score requirement.

University of Oregon: Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the University recognize the Duolingo English test as an acceptable alternative to other standardized tests.

Iowa State University: Is a prestigious institution that offers a wide range of academic programs. University accept the Duolingo English test and provide specific score requirements for admission.

University of Utah: Located in Salt Lake City, the University is a top-tier research university that accepts the Duolingo English test as part of its application process.

Northeastern University: University is based in Boston, Massachusetts, is known for its programs and experimental learning opportunities. They consider the Duolingo English test scores for admission.

These are number of universities and colleges in the USA that accept the Duolingo English test.

It’s important to note that acceptance policies may vary, so always check with the specific institution you’re interested in for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Which universities or colleges in the USA are accepting the Duolingo English test

Duolingo Score for Masters

The requirements for Duolingo test accepted universities in USA usually lie in the range of 105-120.

A score above 120 is considered to be quite good in terms of graduate study programs like MBA, MS in Finance, Masters in Civil Engineering, etc.

Duolingo Score 85 to 90 accepted Universities

A good Duolingo English Test score is a critical criteria for non-native English speakers seeking admission to US institutions.

A Duolingo score of 85 reflects a commendable level of English proficiency.

It demonstrates your ability to comprehend complex academic texts, communicate effectively in English, and participate in classroom discussions.

Achieving this score indicates that you possess the necessary language skills to thrive in an English-speaking academic environment.

US Universities that Accept Duolingo Score 85

Wondering which US universities accept a Duolingo score of 85? You’ll be delighted to know that many esteemed institutions welcome applicants with this score.

Here are some prominent universities that recognize the value of a Duolingo score of 85:

Harvard University – Ranked among the world’s top universities, Harvard has embraced the Duolingo English Test as a valid measure of English proficiency. With an Minimum 125 score on Duolingo for other courses but for main stream courses they not accept Duolingo test

Harvard University accept dulingo test

Stanford University – Known for its cutting-edge research and innovation, Stanford University offer fee waivers for the Duolingo English Test for Who Need Financial Need.

By meeting this requirement, you position yourself for exceptional academic opportunities in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – A pioneer in science, technology, and engineering, MIT recognizes the value of diverse perspectives. MIT accept With a Minimum Duolingo score of 120 Recommended 125, you enhance your chances of joining this prestigious institution.

California Institute of Technology – If you aspire to pursue studies in STEM fields, Caltech should be on your radar. Caltech considers a Duolingo test is mandatory for admission, but before the deadline.

Princeton is the only remaining Ivy League Uni that does not accept the Duolingo English Test (DET) as part of its application process . Prepare to engage in intellectual exploration at this esteemed Ivy League institution.

Yale University – Renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and interdisciplinary learning, Yale University embraces the Duolingo English Test, allowing aspiring students with at least score 85 – 120 to demonstrate their language proficiency.

US Texas universities accept Duolingo for masters?

The US universities that accept Duolingo for Masters are Marshall University, Arizona State University, Texas A&M University, Seattle University, Aston University and Washington State University.

Duolingo is accepted to apply for a USA student visa. Stanford University, Washington University, New York University, Swarthmore College, Ivy League Universities and many more universities accept this test.


Some frequently asked questions regarding universities or colleges in the USA accepting the Duolingo English test:

1. Is the Duolingo English test widely accepted by universities in the USA?

Yes, the Duolingo English test is gaining recognition among universities and colleges in the USA.

2. Are there any score requirements for the Duolingo English test?

Yes, each university or college sets its own score requirements for the Duolingo English test. It’s essential to research and confirm the specific score needed for the institutions you plan to apply to.

3. Can I submit the Duolingo English test score for any program of study?

In most cases, universities that accept the Duolingo English test consider it for undergraduate and graduate programs.

However, some specialized programs or professional schools may have different requirements, so it’s crucial to check with the specific department or program.

4. How can I send my Duolingo English test scores to universities?

Once you’ve taken the Duolingo English test, you can request to send your scores directly to the universities or colleges of your choice.

The official Duolingo English test website provides instructions on score reporting.

6. Can I take the Duolingo English test from anywhere in the world?

Yes, this the advantages of the Duolingo English test.

This flexibility makes it convenient for international students who may not have easy access to testing centers.


The acceptance of the Duolingo English test by universities and colleges in the USA is on the rise.

This alternative exam provides international students with an opportunity to demonstrate their English language proficiency and pursue their academic goals.

From the University of Washington on the West Coast to Northeastern University in the vibrant city of Boston, many reputable institutions accept the Duolingo English test.

Remember to research and confirm the specific score requirements and application procedures of the universities or colleges you are interested in.

With the growing recognition of the Duolingo English test, you now have an additional option to showcase your English proficiency and embark on your educational journey in the United States.

The minimum score for Duolingo tests varies by university.

The average DET score requirement for USA universities lies between Minimum 100 – Maximum 150.

However, the top universities generally accept DET scores above 120.