Polen tells chose the University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship worth $300K.

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According to the News Many Arizona State University Sun Devils are beginning the next chapter of their lives. On Monday, ASU celebrated undergrads during its spring commencement.

Every graduate has their own unique story to tell, but one is turning heads.

“I am so excited. I feel like everything has sort of led up to this in a lot of ways,” said Kyle Polen.

ASU grad, Kyle Polen’s parents also graduated from ASU with business degrees.

“So, I grew up with Sun Devils everywhere when I was growing up and supporting the football team. So, standing here on the field now and graduating is kind of like a dream come true,” said Kyle.

Kyle grew up in Scottsdale and graduated from Chaparral High School.

He didn’t spend a lot of time around medicine but did his fair share of volunteering just about everywhere. One time, the 22-year-old graduate says, was in a hospital.

“I always loved science and found a way to transmit that into a people-oriented career. I love talking to people. I am a social person,” added Kyle.

He says he applied to 37 medical schools; 13 accepted him.

“I am so grateful. I am in such an honoured position and fortunate. I think it is rare nowadays, so I’m extremely grateful. At the end of the day though, all you need is one to become a doctor,” said Kyle.

Polen tells he chose to attend Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship worth $300,000.

“First of all, what struck me most, was the people. The city has so much heart,” he said.

Kyle’s father, Dave Polen, says this day shows hard work pays off.

“The sacrifices that he made and the compromises he had to go through. It’s just a really happy day to see this come together the way it has,” said Dave.

His mother Karen Polen says it means the world to them, “We are so proud of Kyle. He works so hard for this. It’s nice that it paid off.”

This week, Kyle became a Sun Devil with dual degrees from the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and the School of Molecular Sciences.”

I think the word of the day is gratitude. Really,” said Kyle.