The Inspiring Story of a Mom’s Lucrative Side Hustle: Etsy shop

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Her Journey

Meet Cassiy Johnson, a 31-year-old mom from Howell, Michigan. she always wanted to make more money to help her family.

But something amazing happened in her money-making journey. She found a special way to earn extra cash, almost like a part-time job.

And the best part? She could make as much as $101,000 every month, just by working for 30 minutes a day!

In this article, we’re going to explore her incredible story.

We’ll learn how she turned a simple idea into a big online business. It’s a pretty awesome story! The Quest for Extra Income

like many others, wanted to boost her family’s finances. She initially dabbled in selling concrete candles and coffee mugs with creative nail polish designs.

However, she soon realized that this venture was not only time consuming but also entailed the challenge of shipping heavy products.

she decided to explore new opportunities.

In April 2020, Cassiy faced a significant turning point in her life.

She was freed from her full-time job as a daycare salesperson, where she earned $70,000 annually.

During this period, she decided to try her luck at designing T-shirts. Her journey took off when she launched her Etsy shop just one month later.

By the fall of the same year, her shop had generated an impressive $30,000 in revenue in just two months, all while requiring less than 30 minutes of her daily time.

She continued her part-time sales job, earning $17 per hour.

The Online Store’s Success

Cassiy’s Etsy shop quickly became a financial powerhouse.

In the following year, she earned $90,000 from her Etsy shop alone, prompting her to make the life changing decision to run her online store full-time.

The store’s total lifetime revenue surpassed an astonishing $766,400, with a substantial portion as profit. Cassiy’s highest-earning month reached an impressive $100,900, of which she was able to pocket $26,100.

Expanding Horizons and Additional Income Streams

Certainly, here’s a version of the text that a fifth-grader can understand:

As Cassiy became more successful, she started trying out new ways to make money.

One of the things she did was start an Etsy shop. She got the idea from a YouTube channel that talked about something called “print-on-demand” stores.

These stores are all about making cool designs for T-shirts. But here’s the twist: instead of printing the shirts herself, she sent the orders to companies that would print the designs and ship them out.

Cassiy’s plan was pretty simple. She looked for things that were really popular and made T-shirts with those cool designs. To find out what was popular, she did research every month.

She got ideas from everyday life, like shopping at Walmart or being on social media. Then, she used a tool called Canva to create her own unique T-shirt designs.

The cool thing was, these designs only became real when someone ordered a shirt. It was like magic!

Cassiy’s designs were awesome. Some had popular sayings, cool fonts, or special changes to appeal to certain groups of people, like nurses or teachers.

She even let customers add their own words to her designs. In 2021, she made a super cool design with letters that looked like half-cheetah print and half-bright neon colors.

People loved it, and it gave them lots of options to choose from.

New Income Avenues

Recognizing the potential for diversifying her income, Cassiy explored two additional avenues:

Selling Mock-ups: Cassiy realized that other print-on-demand sellers needed mock-up photos of models wearing blank T-shirts with designs superimposed.

In March 2021, she opened another Etsy store named “StopMockAndRoll,” featuring photos of herself wearing blank shirts for sale. It didn’t make as much money as her main business, but it gave her some extra cash.

YouTube Tutorial Videos: With the YouTubers who initially guided her into the business retiring, Cassiy decided to create her own print-on-demand tutorial videos.

Leveraging her presence in print-on-demand Facebook groups, she quickly gained 1,000 followers within the first six weeks.

Today her YouTube channel boasts over 118,000 subscribers. While she didn’t disclose her exact earnings, Cassiy noted that her YouTube income had outpaced her Etsy profits over the past six months.

The Grit Behind Success

Cassiy Johnson’s journey to success is marked by determination and hard work.

Balancing Act

Creating YouTube tutorial videos demanded up to 20 hours of her week. While print-on-demand selling required less time, it was by no means effortless.

Cassiy described it as a “grind,” emphasizing that one must consistently tackle the daily tasks for weeks, months, and even years until they yield results.

Staying up-to-date with what’s popular was really important for Cassiy to stay competitive with other people who sold T-shirts like she did.

Cassiy’s message is pretty clear: anyone can do well with a side job, but if you want to be as successful as she is and still have time for your personal life, you need to have grit.

That means not being scared of working hard and not worrying too much about failing.

For Cassiy Johnson, being willing to try new things and learn from them is what helped her become financially independent.

Cassiy Johnson’s story is amazing because it shows us how a simple and easy side job can turn into a really good way to make money.

She worked hard, came up with cool ideas, and was open to changing her approach when needed. This made her life better and helped her family have enough money.

Cassiy’s journey teaches us that if you’re determined and do things the right way, you can also find financial success.