Experience the Magic of Summer 2023: Find Awesome Ways to Make Extra Money

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When the sunny days of summer 2023 arrive, there are exciting opportunities to try out cool side jobs that are like colorful flowers blooming in a beautiful garden. In this new summer season we are going to explore fun things you can do to earn bucks to enjoy summer, lets dive into my well research guide that discover all possibilities that combine creativity and making cash       

Get Into the Summer Spirit with Side Hustles

Just like summer brings lots of fun, side hustles are becoming super popular in America. A recent survey by Bankrate showed that almost 40% of Americans are already doing side gigs to earn extra money.

These extra jobs add up to around $810 each month on average. This is great indication is being side hustler to live life you want to make money!

Turning Passions into Profit

Listen to the smart advice from Angelique Rewers, who started the successful company BoldHaus. She says to follow the path of success by doing things you love.

The magic wand is finding the activity you enjoy and turn them into make money.

Think about how you can make money while doing things that make you happy during the sunny season!

Four Cool Summer Side Gigs Recommended by Experts

Here are four exciting side jobs recommended by experts that really match the summer vibe. They’re like shining stars that you can be a part of!

Share Your Space: Become a Host on Airbnb, Misterb&b, and Facebook

When people travel, they need cozy places to stay. If you have a place in a touristy area or near a big city, you can make money by renting it out to travelers.

Airbnb is a popular option where you can rent out a room or your whole place. In cities like San Diego, you can charge $148 a night, and in places like Portland, Maine, you could get as much as $169 per night.

Remember that there are fees, which are like a small part of your earnings.

Misterb&b is a platform made especially for the LGBTQ+ community, where you can also share your space.

In Dallas, you might earn $65 per night, while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you could charge $119 per night. Facebook is another way to connect with travelers and rent out your space without fees.

In New York City, you might even earn up to $325 per night from tourists.

Take Care of Pets: Be a Pet Sitter on Rover, Wag, and Nextdoor

Since many people got pets during the pandemic, there’s a big need for pet sitters. If you love dogs you can take of them ex walking service, pet care , pet spa, pet lodging and even looking after them overnight.

Platforms like Rover, Wag, and Care.com can help you connect with pet owners. Depending on the job, you might make between $15 and $50 per hour. Keep in mind that there might be fees, around 20% to 25%, that go to the platform.

You can also become a “dog park chaperone.” This means you take dogs to the park to play, and you could earn $15 to $20 per hour using Facebook or Nextdoor.

Help with Summer School: Assist Students and Parents

With the pandemic affecting school, many kids need extra help to catch up. Summer school is way for extracurricular kids can learn real life skill you can be their as assistant.

You could help them with their studies and be a guide during their summer learning.

You can find students to help through Facebook groups, friends, family, and local schools. You might earn between $50 and $80 per hour, which is a good investment in your future!

Turn Your Hobby into a Money-Maker

During summer, your hobbies can turn into money-making opportunities.

Whether you love sailing, playing music, writing poems, or going on adventures, there are platforms like Fiverr, Etsy, TaskRabbit, Lessonface, and GigSalad where you can showcase your talents.

For example, you might sell crafts, teach a skill, or offer entertainment services.

With these platforms, you can connect with others in your community and turn your hobbies into a way to make money.

So, as summer arrives, remember that there are many awesome ways to have fun and make money at the same time. Enjoy the sunshine and explore these cool opportunities!