Embrace Diversity in college Admissions Anyway: Biden Say

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Hey there, folks! It’s time for some news from the education sector. President Joe Biden recently had some strong words for the Supreme Court’s conservative justices. He criticized their decisions and offered new admission standards for colleges and universities to follow.

You see, the Court recently ruled against race-based admissions policies, but Biden believes that diversity is still crucial.

During a speech from the Roosevelt Room, Biden urged colleges and universities not to give up on their commitment to creating student bodies that represent the diverse backgrounds and experiences of America.

He argued that these institutions should continue considering factors like race and income when making admissions decisions.

The Court’s decisions are expected to result in a decline in enrollment of Black and Hispanic students in elite schools.

This has sparked a broader conversation about systemic racism and the need to expand access to higher education for students of color, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Biden didn’t hold back in his criticism of the conservative justices. He proposed new admission standards that would take into account the adversity that students have overcome.

In his words, colleges should consider “the grit” and “determination” demonstrated by students who faced tougher challenges due to their financial circumstances or other hardships.

As part of these new standards, Biden encouraged admissions boards to examine the financial means of students and their families, as well as the personal experiences of hardship or discrimination they may have encountered.

He highlighted a quote from Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority opinion, emphasizing that universities can still consider how race has affected an applicant’s life.

Biden wants the Education Department to analyze admissions practices that promote inclusivity and diversity, while also identifying those that hinder them.

He specifically called out legacy admissions, which give preferential treatment to children of alumni, as a practice that expands privilege rather than opportunity.

It’s worth noting that nine states already prohibit the use of race in admissions policies at public colleges and universities.

For example, after Proposition 209 was adopted in California in 1996, Black enrollment at UCLA and UC Berkeley dropped significantly.

Many schools have attempted to use income and poverty as a proxy for race, but studies have shown that this approach often advantages poor white applicants while maintaining the existing social hierarchy.

Colleges and universities have been exploring alternative ways to ensure diversity on their campuses for the past decade.

Some have made standardized tests optional, waived application fees, and eliminated preferential treatment for legacy applicants and donors’ children.

They have also increased their efforts to recruit students from low-income and racially diverse neighborhoods.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona urged students of color not to be discouraged.

He acknowledged that enrollment drops among students of color are not only due to fewer acceptances but also because some students stop applying altogether.

Cardona emphasized the importance of pursuing educational potential regardless of the ruling.

So, that’s the latest scoop on Biden’s stance on diversity in college admissions. Let’s see how colleges and universities respond to his call to embrace diversity despite the Supreme Court’s decisions.

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