Australian Nurse netting an extra $60,000 annually: Meet Johanna

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In a world where sustainability and entrepreneurship are on the rise, Johanna Sabaliauskas, a 34-year-old Australian nurse and single mother of two, has discovered an ‘easy’ side hustle that’s not only profitable but also environmentally conscious.

With her wardrobe brimming with designer dresses, Johanna found a way to turn her unused outfits into a flourishing business, netting an extra $60,000 annually. [1]

Her story is an encouraging somebody who hoping to bring in some additional cash from their own.

Johanna’s journey began in 2021 when she decided to list her high-end dresses for rent on The Volte, an online dress-hire platform.

She started with just ten dresses, but today she boasts a collection of over 250 dresses, ranging from size six to 16.

These dresses, once relegated to occasional events like weddings and cocktail parties, now embark on a revolving journey of elegance and style, becoming accessible to women looking to make a statement without breaking the bank.

Johanna: The Nurse Who Makes $60,000 a Year with Her Fashionable Side Hustle – image source Daily mail

The concept is simple yet brilliant. Shoppers can hire a dress for a weekend, and Johanna ensures each gown is professionally dry cleaned before it heads off to its next glamorous outing.

While purchasing one of these couture outfits could set you back anywhere from $450 to $1,500, the rental price hovers between $75 and $220, making high fashion attainable for a broader audience.

Johanna’s success story didn’t happen overnight. Six months into her side hustle, bookings started rolling in, and her business began to flourish.

Despite the fact that she does not have a specific business plan, her passion and dedication help her achieve success.

She told us “I’m an everyday mom – I’m totally winging it – but I’m so passionate about this,” Johanna admits.

“I never expected this to take off the way it has. I am very grateful and devoted to enhancing women’s appearance.

The brands in Johanna’s wardrobe are top-notch, ranging from Aje to V Chapman and Elliot. One of the standout favorites is the Alemais Phyllis Twist Dress, retailing for $495 but available for rent at just $145, including postage.

It’s a win – win situation for fashion conscious women seeking quality and affordability.

Past the monetary advantages, Johanna’s side gig has likewise made a huge commitment to her neighborhood economy.

Her successive visits to the mail center and backing for a family-claimed cleaner have given business open doors and reinforced her local area’s monetary texture.

As a demonstration of her effect, the laundry noticed, “Your dress recruit business has paid my staff part’s compensation.

Recognizing the growing demand, Johanna expanded her reach by launching a Facebook page and offering a try-on service for locals.

This special approach not only made her service better but also helped women discover dresses that look great on their bodies

Doing this side job also helps the environment because when people rent clothes instead of buying them, it helps reduce the problems caused by fast fashion.

This is good for the planet because it matches the trend of people making eco-friendly choices.

Even though it might look simple and not too hard, Johanna works really hard to make her customers happy.

She spends a lot of time and effort to give them the best experience.

On average, a dress is rented out nine times on The Volte, but some popular dresses receive hundreds of requests.

It’s not uncommon for lenders like Johanna to earn more than $100,000 annually by renting out their designer wardrobes.

The Volte, started by Bernadette Olivier, Jade Hirniak, Kym Atkins, and Genevieve Hohnen, gives fashion fans a way to make the most out of their fancy clothes.

“People get to utilize a dress that they would only wear a couple of times,” says Bernadette. “They might rent it out 15 or 16 times.

We have had dresses that have been rented out 72 times, with more than 500 users earning between $50,000 and $100,000 a year.”

So, if you’ve got some hidden treasures in your closet, it might be time to consider your own ‘easy’ side hustle and turn those garments into cash while making the world a more sustainable and stylish place.