AI wipe out “many jobs”: IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Said

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Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in recent years, sparking both excitement and fear about its potential impacts on humanity.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, in an exclusive interview with FOX Business, has issued a warning that the technology could wipe out “many jobs” within the next five years.

This news is particularly concerning for individuals working in clerical white-collar jobs, as Krishna predicts that AI will replace a significant number of these positions.

The rapid development of AI has raised many questions about its potential impact on our society. Will it create more jobs than it destroys?

Or will it ultimately result in widespread job loss, leaving many individuals struggling to make ends meet? Only time will tell, but the concerns are certainly valid.

As AI continues to develop at an unprecedented pace, it’s important to consider its potential impacts on our workforce.

While AI may make certain tasks more efficient and cost-effective, it’s important to remember that these advancements could come at a significant cost.

AI may replace jobs across numerous fields, leaving many individuals struggling to find work.

Despite the concerns surrounding AI, IBM CEO Krishna believes that there is still a need for human employees for more complex work.

However, there’s no denying that AI has the potential to cut jobs and disrupt entire industries.

It’s important to remember that technology has been disrupting jobs for centuries, and it’s likely that AI will continue this trend.

However, as we embrace these advancements, we must also work to mitigate the negative impacts on individuals and communities.

As we move forward, it’s crucial that we consider the potential impacts of AI and work to create policies and programs that support individuals who may be impacted by these changes.

Whether it’s retraining programs or new job creation, we must take steps to ensure that AI is used in a way that benefits everyone.

IBM, the renowned American Technology Company, is on the brink of making a heart-wrenching decision that could leave thousands of its employees in a state of despair.

The CEO of IBM, Arvind Krishna, has announced that the company is considering pausing hiring for roles that could easily be taken over by artificial intelligence (AI).

Krishna’s statement sends shivers down the spines of many employees, who fear that their jobs could be automated in the coming years.

IBM believes that AI could replace up to 30% of non-customer facing roles in the next five years.

This would result in around 26,000 workers losing their jobs in the U.S. alone, with approximately 7,800 positions being taken over by AI in IBM itself.

 The company is also suspending or slowing down hiring in back-office functions, such as human resources.

Even more distressing is the fact that mundane tasks like employment verification letters or moving employees between departments could be fully automated in the next few years.

This would undoubtedly lead to a massive workforce reduction in response to the rapidly advancing technology.

IBM’s announcement comes at a time when AI has captured the world’s imagination with its ability to automate customer service, write texts, and even generate code.

The potential of AI to disrupt the labor market in the next few years is a significant concern for many observers.

The idea of losing a job to a machine is a harrowing thought for anyone.

 IBM’s decision is one of the largest workforce strategies to be implemented in response to the rise of AI, and it will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications.

In conclusion, IBM’s decision to pause hiring for roles that could be taken over by AI is a heart-breaking one, and it is important that we recognize the impact this will have on many individuals and families.

It is essential that we come together as a society and explore ways to ensure that technological advancements do not come at the cost of human life.